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Understanding the Key Roles of Officers in a Community Association Board of Directors
Community associations play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in their respective communities. At the heart of every community association is its board of directors,...MORE
CAMS' Alana Mullane Earns CMCA Certification
Community Association Management Services (CAMS) is proud to announce that Assistant Community Manager Alana Mullane, a member of the CAMS team since November 2021, has successfully earned her...MORE
HOA Rental Realities: Key Considerations for Property Owners
Increases in the number of homes that are owned as investment properties have become a reality for community associations, and boards are challenged because many property owners do not fully...MORE
Safeguarding Community Associations: The Annual Insurance Review Imperative
As community association board members serve as the governing body of neighborhoods, preserving their vitality and protecting their assets becomes a collective responsibility. In the realm of...MORE
CAMS Cares Week: Spreading Love and Compassion Across Local Communities
CAMS (Community Association Management Services), the premier community management company throughout the Carolinas, is proud to announce the resounding success of CAMS Cares Week – a...MORE
The TradeMark Building in Charlotte, NC, is featured in CAI's Common Ground Magazine
The TradeMark Building, a high-rise condo managed by CAMS, has been featured in CAI's Common Ground Magazine. In Charlotte, NC, the TradeMark Building stands tall as a testament to community spirit....MORE
Understanding the Hierarchy of Governing Documents in a Community Association
Living in a community association entails adhering to a set of governing documents that guide residents, maintain order, and protect property values. These documents exist within a hierarchical...MORE
Understanding Community Associations: The HOA, Community Management Company, and the Board of Directors
Step into the world of community associations and uncover one of the most misunderstood aspects of the community management industry! Together, we’ll explore the intricate roles and responsibilities...MORE
Discover the Key to Empowering Board Members with Financial Knowledge
Join CAMS Tammy Jacomin, CMCA, AMS, an experienced on-site community manager, as she shares her insights in a recent feature for CAI's Common Ground magazine. In this enlightening article, Jacomin...MORE
6 Essential Safety Tips for HOAs: Building a Secure Community Together
Safety is a top priority for every homeowner's association (HOA), as it plays a crucial role in fostering a secure and harmonious living environment. By implementing effective safety measures, HOAs...MORE